Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sam Orchard Sam Orchard
I started learning in March 2017 and passed in October 2017, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Ella’s help and guidance. Along with the workbook and videos from LDC which prepared me for each lesson, Ella’s methods and approach to each lesson made it effective and relaxing to learn. I would definitely recommend Ella as a driving instructor, simply from personal experience and can quite safely say that without her I wouldn’t have passed as the safe driver I am now!

Alanta Cook
Passed first time
I needed a car with a manual handbrake and I prefer female instructors who have patience. Also, I had to fit my lessons around college, Panto and dance so I wasn't available very often and I needed someone who could accommodate my times. I thought that Ella was very thoughtful and patient with me when I couldn't do something. For instance, I like to have an order in which to do things so when I struggled to park, Ella gave me different methods with step by step instructions which helped me to feel more in control and comfortable when manoeuvring the car. I found driving less stressful than I thought and I felt that I picked up the methods quicker than I had thought that I would which was reassuring and made me feel more confident. I would recommend Ella as she was supportive and helped me solve the issues that I struggled with slowly and she was happy to repeat things over and over to give me the chance to improve and feel comfortable.

Aly MohandasAly Mohandas
Ella was a really amazing instructor. After struggling for many years to pass my driving test, she took me through the whole process and even coped with an emotional breakdown or two along the way. I definitely recommend Ella if you're looking for an instructor to get you the pass you want

Josephine Furnell Josephine Furnell
Ella is absolutely amazing, I could not recommend her highly enough. When I first came to Ella I was a nervous driver and Ella helped rebuild my confidence in Driving by taking it step by step, she did not rush me and asked me each lesson how I felt. So if you need a driving instructor to help put you at ease and get you to your practical driving test I would recommend Ella. Thank you Ella for everything you did for me in order for me to get to where I am now that I have passed my driving test.

Emily RobsonEmily Robson
Patient, professional and made learning to drive enjoyable
I'm Emily from Exeter and I would highly recommend Ella as a driving instructor. She was patient, professional, made learning to drive enjoyable, and taught me how to drive safely. These were the qualities which I felt were essential when learning to drive, and what makes Ella a fab instructor. I felt really safe when I was in the car and she encouraged me towards independence and passing my test safely. At first I was quite nervous but quickly trusted that I was in control of the car and had Ella as backup. The lessons were well structured and It was evident she put a lot of time into planning my lessons as an individual. When I found difficulties she suggested trying different techniques to help me, such as with reverse parallel parking, she encouraged me to draw out and explain the manoeuvre step by step, as if I was showing someone else how to do it. Having passed first time, I'm very happy with everything Ella has taught me and I'm glad I chose to learn with her!

Chris Humphreys Chris Humphreys
Ella'a approach to learning settled my nerves
I passed last December (2016) with Ella, as an older learner driver the prospect of taking lessons again was quite daunting,however Ella's approach to learning settled my nerves very quickly and having a clear and structured lesson plan helped me immensely and gave me the confidence to finally get my licence, highly recommend Ella for anyone wanting to get on the road!

Tom Smith Tom Smith
Passed first time
10 years ago I was in a car accident after which it took me a long time to overcome my fears and get into a car. When I finally decided to learn to drive I was 26. I did a few lessons in London before I moved to Exeter and this helped build my confidence a little. However, it was not until I got into a car with Ella that I really started to gain the confidence I needed to envisage myself one day driving alone. She was fantastic at building up my abilities, without ever letting me feel scared or out of control. And with her help and insight I began to not only feel in control of a car but to enjoy driving. It was undoubtedly her patience, tips and calm manner that got me to the point where I passed my test. She was a pleasure to be in a car with each and every lesson and I cannot recommend highly enough!! -Tom

Chris RiceChris Rice
Ella was very patient and friendly
When choosing my driving school I was looking for somewhere that to my mind had a good track record giving me the confidence that I had a good chance of passing. I was also ideally looking for a female instructor as I'd had a fairly poor experience with a male instructor, albeit a long time ago, so was looking for a completely different approach this time around. The teaching methods used were very good. The pictures were useful to visualise what I was meant to be doing. Feedback from each session was also very useful as it acted as a reminder as to what we had done last session and what to focus on next time around. I was surprised how quick things happen when you're driving a car so the level of concentration required was higher than I had expected. This passed after a while but it was a bit mentally tiring for a while. Ella was very patient and the breaks we had helped in this respect so thanks! The flexibility Ella allowed in evening and weekend sessions really helped me out. Between work and other commitments it wouldn't have been possible to learn to drive with daytime sessions only. Ella was also very friendly so I enjoyed our sessions a lot. If I know of anyone who is looking to learn then I would definitely send them Ella's way.

Lucy Morris Lucy Morris
Ella was an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. She really helped me to feel at ease and was incredibly thorough when teaching me new things. She was very calm and patient and helped to talk me through situations when I was unsure. She would always take time to answer my questions and iron out any concerns I had. The lessons were really well structured and organised and Ella always worked around what I wanted to achieve which was brilliant. I would highly recommend Ella of LDC Driving School to anyone. Thank you for all of your help!